Why La Petite French School?

Research shows that early exposure to a second language facilitates growth and integration of the developing brain, leading to improved cognitive functioning and superior reading, writing, analytical and even social skills.

La Petite French School is based on the latest research relevant to language development, which identifies the first years of life as being the critical years for laying the foundations for later higher learning abilities that are life-long.

 We strongly believed that offering this opportunity to your child to develop parts of the brain, making it easier to learn other language, or learn in general. It also introduces babies and childrens to another culture.  

If you are one of the many that remembers French classes being bland and boring, we promise you a very different experience that you will enjoy as much as your little one.

Articles to read showing all the benefits of the exposure to a different language


“It’s almost as if the monolingual child’s brain is on a diet and the bilingual child’s brain stretches to the full extent and variability that Mother Nature gave it to use language and exploit human language”

Dr Laura-Ann Petitto, a world-renowned cognitive neuroscientist


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