La Petite French School

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Learning languages comes naturally to babies and young children and by introducing a second language from the very beginning, it can have positive effects on the brain which last a lifetime.

With this in mind, back in 2017 Cecile and Marion created La Petite French School, offering babies and young children fun, interactive classes which not only introduce a new language but also teaches youngsters about a different culture too.

With baby and toddler classes covering the South West in person along with online classes mean you can now take part in sessions wherever you are. Find out more about our classes here.

Laying Language Foundations

“It’s almost as if the monolingual child’s brain is on a diet and the bilingual child’s brain stretches to the full extent and variability that Mother Nature gave it to use language and exploit human language”

Dr Laura-Ann Petitto, a world-renowned cognitive neuroscientist


There is a wealth of evidence that early exposure to a second language supports brain development leading to improved cognitive functioning and more advanced reading, writing, analytical and even social skills.

La Petite French School is based on the latest research which identifies the first years of life as being critical for laying the foundations for later, life-long, higher learning abilities.

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