Qu'il est important de se retrouver!
Because of the current situation of Covid-19, we realised at La Petite French School how essential it is for our families to have the possibility to meet regularly outside when the weather is permitting and in Covid-19 safe environment.
So we created La Petite French School Meet-up:
in Taunton on Monday at 1 pm,
in South Molton on Tuesday at 10 am
in Cullompton on Wednesday at 10 am
in Rackenford on Friday at 1 pm
30 minutes of French outdoors fun!
You can join for a Taster session for £5 and register for £30/month.
Contact us for more information @ lapetitefrenchschool@gmail.com
Join La Petite French School Meet-ups in the park

Merci et Bienvenue to La Petite French School Meet-up in Taunton, South Molton, Cullompton and Rackenford.


As soon as we received your form, we will be in touch with payment method and we will send you the schedule.

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